Underground tales

As I spent much time in the subway, I invented a personal game to make a profit out of all the time I was investing in travelling to some place or another.

That game was called Underground tales and it consisted of looking at somebody from my coach and mentally write a story about what that person suggested to me. When I got home I would rapidly transfer those thoughts into a piece of paper.

Here are some of my tales:

The Fun Tape Therapy

Recently I discovered the noble art of creating collages with tape. I use it as a therapy to get rid of the stress and have a fun time without any purpose.

Fake it until you make it

I’m no artist but I love how I feel when I’m drawing. It was one of my favourites activities when I was a child and I am determined to do it more.

My analogue attempts 

I love taking pictures. I believe there is a kind of magic in capturing a moment and keeping it for the rest of your life.

[[MORE]]Donostia, enero 2016 Fuente El Saz del Jarama, Madrid, mayo 2016Plaza de la Cebada Madrid, abril 2016Madrid, enero 2016


December 26, 2017